A Michael Cera Dies in Lithuania

from by Antonio Risqué

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words are broken
by a rain of bodies spoken
my chandelier is choking and moaning
a mother's words provoking
as she indulges in her atonement
embroidered inside of an idea that she was sowing
it might have been prolonged as it was ongoing
still better than the thoughts that were approaching before
And i still remember it as i fall
away beyond a wall astray i crawl
and only then could i separate the calls
from the grey marble floor upon which i somehow managed to thaw

It fucks me over a bit..

wreckage is subjective
i am a nosey prick
filling my consciousness
with life hacks
an admiration for
success has no access
to my subconsciousness
it's inside
and i am out
of the equation
the indigo patient
i try to detect
all of that which
might just bring up a

to my delusions of grandeur
when we all dematerialize
that's what it takes to realize
it's an understandable blur
there's no reason
to try and understand it at all

when we pass the road and shattered glass
corrodes and implodes via an immeasurable blast

wide awake with a face expression as fake as me
dehumanized i am as i float cause i can't even understand how to stand
no not at all
for the sake of achieving purpose i had to let go
as if after an avalanche im under the snow
and the snow is transparent plus it magnifies things hence i know

i know i know i understand
i see it all for what it was
for what you made me to be
and all the beauty that i could have understood
before i fucked it up
just by letting myself die

oh god please just give me one day to live out what i understand now
i swear i'll end it right after one single day
just one day

to my mom and dad i just want to say
since i burned myself you'll have nothing to bury
and summer my love thank you for keeping me as long as you could
cause apparently writing this suicide note is all that im good for
maybe one day i'll be remembered as the quietest person in the room
but for the time being please go away and carry on with your daily decay
and my last goodbye to all of you ends with go fuck yourselves


from Bond, released January 19, 2017
Music by Antonio Risqué
Mixing, recording and mastering by Lukas Jankauskas (No Real Pioneers)
Guest vocals by Ignas Karpovas

Vilnius, Lithuania 2017



all rights reserved


Antonio Risqué Vilnius, Lithuania

Emotional trio from Northern Europe.

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